Angel Spell To Give You A Sign

Purpose of the ritual: To ask for a sign from your guardian angel

This simple spell is great for those of you who feel that you need proof that you have a guardian angel and that he is listening for your call.

To begin
  • Sit quietly for a few moments and breathe deeply until you feel calm and centred.
  • Then close your eyes and say the following incantation out loud:
Guardian angel, hear this plea:
Send me a sign that I may see
That I'm not alone; that you're always near
And that my call, you will always hear.
Offer me proof of your shining light
And send me a feather of brilliant white!
So mote it be.

For the next few days, keep your eyes peeled. Eventually you should come across a white feather and you will know that your guardian angel has heard your plea and is there for you.

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