Angel Sightings Should Not Be Dismissed

Children who believe they have seen angels often keep it quiet for fear of being ridiculed by adults, according to recent research.

Kate Adams, senior lecturer at the Anglican Bishop Grosseteste University College, in Lincoln, said failure to attend to young children’s spiritual needs could leave them feeling “misunderstood” and force many to “retreat into silence".
It comes despite the fact that growing numbers of faith schools being opened across the UK and standards of religious education lessons are improved. More students are also opting to take A-levels in religious studies.
But Dr Adams found that young children were still often reluctant to share their  spiritual experiences. She interviewed 94 children who believed they had had a dream with a "religious connection" but one-third never confided in anyone.
She said teachers had a legal requirement - under the 1988 and 2002 Education Acts - to attend to children's spiritual development.
"By doing this we can show them how important this dimension of their life is and begin to combat the disinterest which can make children feel misunderstood and retreat into silence,” she said

Dr Adams also conducted separate research into children's belief in the "unseen".

A seven-year-girl reported being dismissed by her parents when she told them she saw an angel at her bedside every night, which she felt comforted by.
Dr Adams said such testimonies were a “saddening indictment” of adults' misunderstanding of children. She said: “It shows how communication on matters of personal importance can break down without adults realising it.”

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  1. When I was a small child I was hit by a car I ended up in the hospital in critical condition with a cracked skull, broken ribs, lacerations to my face and a massive blood clot raveling through my hart that should of killed me. But wile the doctors worked to save me I experienced something much different . I saw three beings come into the room of shush souft yet brilliant light that they caused every thing els to fade to darkness. I knew who they were at the time and that they were from a place of light I had seen earlier after first being hit. I remember being in a lot of pain until one of the beings stretched out his hand and touched my head and told me every thing would be alright. The pain immediate left. As they began to withdraw from me I asked if I could go with them. And the one said “Its not time for you” When will it be time?” I ask “When your ready” “Well, when will I be ready?” “When its time” “when will it be time?” Seeing my persistence, he told me that if I was a good girl and did what I was suppose to that he would be back for me, “When?” I asked. “When its time” “When will it be time?”
    “When your ready” As they withdrew from me, with the one having his hand gently raised, a very deep comfortable sleep came over me. When I awoke the first thing I saw was a fluffy white toy lamb some one had placed on my chest. The doctors were amazed with my complete and speedy recovery. (Anny R.)

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