Angel Music

'And let the base of heaven's deep organ blow,
And with the ninefold harmony
Make up the full consort of the angelic symphony
John Milton (1608-74)

Angels have always been associated with beautiful music. The Greeks spoke of the music of the heavenly spheres, and angelic choirs and musicians have been shown in art for centuries. Fine music is a pleasure of the heart, even a kind of inward conversation with the divine. The "Gloria" , part of the Mass, conjures up the praise to God sung by angels who appeared to shepherds on the morning of Christ's nativity. Angels with particular musical associations are Israfel, Shamiel, and the Bene Ellim

Mood Music

* When seeking an angelic visitation, try using music to help you attune to an angel's wavelength. Listen to something quiet and thoughtful. Some people find a natural sound is best, such as recorded bird-song, or the slow deep music of whales.

Have you ever heard music that you thought was from the angelic realm? Leave your comment below

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