Angel Lights, what are they?

Today we're talking about other ways in which we can see angels, which includes:

Angel lights.

Seeing sparkles or bright flashes of light floating in the air around you can indicate that angels are nearby. 

What’s happening is you are witnessing the energy sparks as the angels move across your field of vision. This effect is similar to seeing sparks coming from the back of a car that has just hit a speed bump. It’s simply caused by friction, and it means that your spiritual sight is adjusted to viewing energy waves.

Any coloured sparks you see may originate from archangels (and their associated auras) and glowing white lights are the evidence of the presence of other angels.

Many people report seeing these type of sparkles and light flashes on a regular basis. But some people are reluctant to admit to this angelic phenomena for fear that others may think they are hallucinating. They're not of course. Seeing angel light is a very real - and normal experience.

Coloured mists: Seeing a green, purple, or other coloured mist is a sign that you’re in the presence of angels and archangels.

Have you experienced seeing sparks of light that have no rational explanation? Leave your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Angel Lights, what are they?

  1. I remember seeing something like this when I was visiting a relative in hospital a few years ago. There was a lady in the corner of the ward who was very poorly.I noticed about three of what looked like floating bluish lights hovering around her forehead. It only lasted a few minutes. I blinked a few times to make sure my eyes weren't going funny but they remained. No one else other than me to seemed to be aware of anything. Next time I visited I learned that the lady had passed in away that very night. I like to think that it was her angels easing her passage to the spirit world.

  2. I've seen them every single day for the past 6 years!!! I have also seen millions of angels swaying and walking around. They have a human "outline" (or their figure) but are translucent. I don't see that as much anymore, unless I de-focus my eyes a lot and concentrate. All day every day I see the colored mist as purple and pink and I see TONS of "sparkly glitter" all around in the mist. It is everywhere. I can see it best when I am outside in the sunlight. Or in the pool, looking in the water (may be reflecting from the sky, or there just might be energy in the water!) And recently noticed them everywhere at the beach. I definitely think sun and water help me see them clearer though.

    1. This is exactly my experience as a child! I saw the outlines of Angels walking around my bed at night. They were translucent but sparkly. There were 8 or more walking around my bed and down the hallway “guarding” with their wings slowly flapping. It only happened once but I will never forget it!

  3. I dont know if what im seeing is angel sparks, because i can see bluish white "sparks" flying everywhere in the sky, but when i move my eyes i feel like those "sparks" move with my eyes, but i cant be sure because they move to fast and in every direction possible

  4. Ok, so I'm a very pragmatic and logical person. My very recent experiences and meditation practices have helped me realize and somewhat comprehend the other dimensions. I've been seeing sparks like bright shining stars in my peripherals and during eyes closed. I just felt thankful for them and figured that they are good. This afternoon/sunset time I was sitting by my balcony and enjoying mindfulness. That's when I saw a very bright spark, at my 55 degree angle, in the sky that shined like a star and then dimmed out. It happened right where I was looking. Just an FYI, I have no history of any major health or psychological conditions. I do, however, meditate quite a lot. I've been trying to astral project, so far unsuccessful, : ) . I came across this when looking up "seeing sparks in the sky" on Google. I have seen even more unbelievable and amazing things in the sky. But this is new. )) Peace…

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