Angel Healing Spell

If a loved one is unwell this gentle angel healing spell may help.

What you need:
A white tea-light and holder, a representation of an angel, such as a picture, a statue or a tiny pin or brooch of an angel (or you could simply use a white feather)

Time to work the healing: Full Moon

Place your angel representation on a table. Place the tea-light in its holder in front of the angel and light it. Now call on Raphael angel of healing, and ask for his help in the following way:

Angel of healing, angel of light,
Take away this endless night.
I call on you, Raphael,
To heal the one I love so well.
Let not this illness last too long,
But bring back health with a healing song.
Angel of healing, angel of light,
Put an end to this illness, let health be in sight,
So mote it be.

To add strength to the spell

Concentrate on good health being given to your loved one. Visualise a happy outcome for everyone.
Allow the candle to burn out and give thanks to Raphael. Give the angel representation to the person who is ill as a charm to connect them to the spell.

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