Angel feather colours and meaning

We are all used to the idea that finding a white feather is a sign from angels, but angels also leave feathers of other colours to send us a special message too.

Here's the meaning of the different colours:

White:  The most common of angel gifts, 'I am around you, everything will be OK'

Black:  Most often found during times of crisis. 'I am aware of your current life difficulties and I'm helping and supporting you'

Yellow:  'Congratulations! Things are going well right now.'

Pink:  'Surprise! Your angels are joining in with the fun in your life or maybe having a little joke - they will laugh with you but never at you.'

Blue:  'Time for calm and peace in your life. 'Find space in your life for serenity by taking a walk by water or meditating.

Red:  'Passion and love. 'We are helping with matters of the heart'

Green:  'Your angels send you healing.' Help by taking good care of your spiritual and bodily well-being.

Grey:   'Although things seem quiet right now, we are working on the problem. Be ready for our signs soon.' Follow your angels' guidance and be patient while they put things in place for you.

Have you found any coloured feathers lately?


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