Angel Baby – One Woman’s Precious Gift From The Angel’s

Sarah-Jayne, Robin and baby Alex
Sarah-Jayne, Robin and Alex as a baby

A  Mori survey in 2009 discovered that 46 per cent of adults believe they have a guardian angel, with the majority admitting they regularly ask them for help.
Sarah-Jayne Allen is one believer. The 31-year-old full-time mum from Somerset in the UK, once dismissed the existence of angels as 'ludicrous', but changed her mind four years ago when she fell pregnant with her first child by new partner Robin Williams, 54, a mechanic.
"The night before our 12-week scan, I had a vivid dream," she recalls. "An old lady - who I recognised from pictures as Robin's mum Nancy, who'd died 20 years before - came to visit me.
"Beside her was a pure white figure surrounded by golden lights. She didn't have a face, but I knew she was an angel.
"They told me they had to take my baby. I didn't want to let her go, but they said she would be looked after. In my dream I was distraught, but the angel hugged me and told me everything would work out soon.
"As they disappeared, I felt a warm and soothing energy rush. I felt happy."
Sarah-Jayne, who has two daughters, from a previous relationship, woke up and knew immediately something was wrong with her unborn child.
Hours later, the sonographer at Yeovil District Hospital confirmed her worst fears. Her baby girl had died.
Sarah-Jayne's only comfort came from her dream.
"I knew that my daughter was somewhere being looked after," she says simply.
After her experience, Sarah-Jayne began to research angels. And the more she read, the more she was convinced that what she'd seen in her dream was real.
"I was so sad after the miscarriage and even though I felt a little silly at first, I began to ask the angels for help. I wanted them to make me feel better again," she admits.
And nine months later, despite the fact she wasn't trying for a baby, Sarah-Jayne discovered she was pregnant again.
Understandably, her previous pregnancy had made her anxious. So, looking for reassurance, she once again turned to her angels.
"I asked them to protect us. We had one scare as the doctors found extra fluid at the back of the baby's neck, which can be a sign of Down's syndrome. But I just kept asking the angels to look after my baby, and further tests showed he was a healthy boy."
Alexander was born in August 2009 at Yeovil District Hospital weighing 8lb 13oz.
"In the birthing room, Robin and I could feel an electric energy. Instinct told me it was the angels welcoming our baby," Sarah-Jayne says.
However, there were more testing times to come. Six weeks after Alex was born he had difficulty breathing. Doctors told Sarah-Jayne he had a problem with his windpipe which might not improve until he was four.
Again, she spoke to her angels, asking them to make Alex better and sure enough he soon became a healthy thriving baby. .
Like other believers, Sarah-Jayne says she often finds white feathers - which along with shiny coins are seen as a sign by believers that angels are watching over them.
"I find feathers all the time," she says. "Mostly on the doorstep. I've put one in Alex's memory box. He's my angel baby and I thank them every day for my gift."

Adapted from an original article in Fabulous Magazine.

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