An Angel Saved My Life Says Twin Towers’ Survivor

Twin Towers' survivor Genelle Guzman-McMillan believes in angels.
The 40-year-old was the last survivor to be pulled from Ground Zero following the 2001 September 11 terror attacks, she was trapped for 27 hours in the rubble of the Northern Twin Tower of the World Trade Centre.
Genelle who last year wrote a book about her experiences ' Angel in the Rubble' said in a recent interview that she believes an angel named Paul saved her life.
She said: "Thank god Paul was there, thanks to him I got out and got to go home to my family"
Her story is incredible, but then so were the events that unfolded in New York that day.
Genelle was working on the sixty fourth floor of the World Trade Centre. She says her day began like any other.
But it all changed with a " loud bang" She said: "I remember the whole building shook".
She added " It was an hour before people in the building worked out what was happening.
 She said: "Someone finally went into the conference room and turned the TV on, and there was a reporter saying that it's possibly a terrorist attack,"
An hour after the impact in the North tower, she  began her perilous descent down the stairs, with 14 workmates, desperately clutching on to one another.
But when the group got to the 13th floor Genelle said " there was a loud boom.The walls gave in, the place went completely dark, dusty, and the rumbling sound that followed was like 100 earthquakes at one time
"I fell to the floor, my friend pulled away and she ran back up the staircase, and something just hit me, and knocked me down the staircase. And I just lay there until I came to a complete stop."
She then picked herself up and hurried down a further 13 floors and then 100 floors above her came tumbling down on top of her.
She said:" I ask myself every day, how did I survive? Being under the rubble, I couldn't move,  my head was wedged, wedged between a concrete pillar.
"Everything was on top of me except for my left hand, and my legs were crisscross."
Genelle stayed like this for 27 hours.
Meanwhile above her head rescuers combed the wreckage, and somehow she found the strength  to push her left hand up through the debris .To her surprise another hand grasped on.
 Janelle said: "A voice said, Janelle I got you, my name is Paul".
She says Paul then held onto her hand until rescuers arrived.
She added: "Paul was just telling me I'm not gonna let you go, I'm not gonna let you go, you're gonna be fine,"
She said as she was transported to hospital all she could think was that she wanted to meet Paul as soon as she was able and thank him."
Janelle added: "I've been trying to find Paul for the past 10 years and it's, it's so surreal that it's 10 years since this attack, and I've been on the news, I've been asking about Paul. And, and it's so funny that Paul has never come forward.
She said: "That's why I started writing my  book I came to the conclusion that Paul must have been an angel, must have been my angel, must have been the miracle I was asking for."

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