A Beautiful Messenger

  Evelyn Kritenbrink from America shares this true life comforting encounter with what she believes to have been an angel shortly before her mother's passing.

Evelyn writes: "My mother died in the early morning on Christmas Eve 1999. She had suffered from a stroke two weeks previously and remained in a hospital until her death. My sister and I would take shifts watching over her while she was in the hospital. That night she died it was my sister’s turn to come sit with her. Before my sister had arrived I was sitting in the chair and out of nowhere this most magnificent beautiful glowing blue eyed and whitish transparent body came to me. I was stunned and surprised, I had a warm and stable feeling come over me. I didn’t understand why I got this image until shortly after my mothers death. I figured out that this awesome beautiful being was here to tell me my mother was going to die and that Angel was there to take her to a better and happier place, a place she needed to be. "

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  1. I was just reading some postings here whilst feeling a bit gloomy about being out of work, when an agency called me with the possibility of work. I hope this is a sign of an upturn in my prospects!

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