Can you see the angel image in the curtain?


A couple of months ago I was down with a chest infection for a few days and was resting in my bedroom.

💚 I was sending a silent prayer to, Archangel Raphael, (angel of healing) to ask for 'healing' and then suddenly a burst of really bright sunlight came through the curtain. I was then amazed to see  this 'angelic image' appearing in the lower right side of the bedroom curtain. 💚

Can you see it as well? It's only faint, but I do believe it was a message from the 'angels' that they were listening and responding. It remained for a good half hour or so, before gradually fading.

Interestingly, the next day I feel lots better.

Thank you 'Angels'
Namaste, Linda


An Angel Saved My Life ‘People share the times that angels have helped them (and even saved their life)

The 'belief in angels' is often discussed on online forums, and recently a reader on social news site, Reddit, posed the question to others, by asking whether anyone had had a true life angel experience. In response, many have taken to the thread to share how their own ‘guardian angels’ have prevented disasters and even saved their lives.

Although many said they had previously been sceptical of the notion of angels, after their ‘encounters,’ they have been converted to believe.

For example, Reddit user brasil16, said that him and a friend would have drowned if it hadn’t been for their encounter with an angel.

He described how he had been swimming in the ocean near a beachfront hotel in Northern Brazil, when the pair had been swept up in the strong current.

He said: “All of a sudden, this guy runs into the water, picks me up, and before I know it, we’re on the shore. I turned to thank him, he was just gone,”

Another person had an equally strange moment when they received prayer from a nurse after the death of a friend.

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