true life angel encounters

Judith Shrimpton, a retired GP, tells this unusual tale of a child brought to an emergency room when she was training to be a doctor. The child had been in a very serious road accident involving a lorry - the child told doctors that an man in white had lifted the lorry wheels off her. Judith believes from the description given that the child had described an angel.

Judith writes:

"It was nearly 40 years ago and I was working as a third- year medical student in the casualty department of St Mary's Hospital in Paddington. I was an atheist, a typical student of the time, and working with me was another student (called) Jenny. Anyone less fanciful than Jenny is hard to imagine. She was a healthy hearty woman  and she too  had no religious beliefs whatsoever.

"A young child was rushed in on a stretcher. She was unconscious and accompanied by her very distressed parents, a police officer, and a bystander who had witnessed the accident. Lucy had run into the middle of the busy Edgware Rd and a lorry had hit her and then the wheels had gone right over her - not just once but twice - the rear wheels as well. The police officer who had been on duty had also witnessed it happen.

"Together with the doctor on duty, the three of us examined the unconscious child. Apart from one small bruise on her shoulder she was totally unmarked. We were about to send her off for X - rays, when she opened her eyes and smiled beautifully. 'Where is that's man in white?' she demanded.

"The doctor stepped forward. 'No - no,' said Lucy, 'the man in the long shiny dress' Puzzled we held her hands and stroked her face. 'The man did that', said Lucy, 'he stroked my face, as he picked up the wheels' - 'the wheels didn't touch me at all'' she added with another smile.

"Lucy then fell into a totally normal, deep sleep. A full medical examination revealed not a single injury, except for a small bruise. The following day, Lucy was discharged. The lorry driver swore that he had felt two bumps and had vomited in the road at the sight  of the unconscious Lucy. Lucy herself retained a child's quiet unconcern and certainty that 'the man in white had lifted the lorry.

"We medical sceptics could only wonder if there had indeed been Guardian Angel present that day to save Lucy from what would seem to be certain death."

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