Guardian angels

In 1958, Jennifer Jenkins was a student nurse at Charing Cross Hospital in London. At the time of the incident she describes, she was working at an outlying hospital in Middlesex, receiving specialist training in treating TB.

Jennifer writes:

"One evening I and a fellow student nurse had been up to London for an evening of dancing and fun. We were due to catch the last train back but having been promised a lift and been let down, we were distraught and didn't know what to do, as we had only our train fares in cash and not enough money left for the journey to the hospital where we lived and worked. Apart from that, we were worried sick that we would be caught coming in late by 'Nelly Kelly' the terrifying night sister who patrolled the hospital car park, looking for nurses who were out without a late pass! Those were the day when 'seniority' meant rules must be obeyed!
We were standing on the pavement in Park Lane, on a triangle of road near the Dorchester Hotel. This part of the road had no buildings with doorways or alleyways, just railings around gardens and grass areas. We had hailed a cab and were discusssing with the driver just how far he could take us for the money we had left between us. We were despairing and wondering how we'd walk the rest of the way back... Just at our most anxious moment, a gentleman in full evening dress appeared next to us, inquiring what the problem seemed to be.

We explained our plight and, without hestitation, he produced a note to cover the amount needed for our fare to the far-awy hospital. The taxi driver looked at the money to check it was enough and we too stared in disbelief. And as we turned to thank him, he was gone! We all looked in every direciton,up and down the road but none of us could explain where he possibly could have disappeared to so quickly!

He was dressed in full evening dress, even with a white silk scarf, rather like the 40s movie star and dancer Fred Astaire. As we climbed into the welcome warmth of the cab, the driver exclaimed in disbelief that he surely must have been our Guardian Angel sent to look after us. I have to agree!"