death bed angels

The expression 'angel of death' is one that is familiar to us all. It often has sinister overtones but there are strong suggestions by people who have had visions of the afterlife, or near death experiences when they hover between life and death, that 'angel of light' would be a far better description.

There are many stories of those who have seen angels before an impending death of someone close.

Also stories from people who have witnessed the appearance of angels at the beside of a dying loved one. There hundreds and hundreds of such accounts, and it's clear from these that angels are close by and ready to help us into the other world when the time to pass is near. It's also clear that at this time angels radiate love and reassurance through bright lights and their familiar form to make the passage easier.

It's natural to fear death but stories from people who have witnessed the presence of celestial beings close to the bedside of a dying loved one can help to replace fear with love, comfort and hope.

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