angel signs

Angels are usually more involved in your life than you realise. Have you spotted any of these clues to their presence around you?

  • Finding lots of little coins in the street or at home, especially pennies, can be an angelic sign.
  • Have you become aware of an unexpected scent of flowers? Another sign from the angels
  • Have you seen number plates on a car with letters and numbers that hold a special significance.
  • Maybe words in book or a magazine stand out to you or seem to bring you messages - they are!
  • Birds often act in unusual or particularly friendly ways when angels are around
  • A stranger chats to you and you feel their random conversation has a hidden message. They may have been sent to you to guide.
  • Someone stops to help you and when you turn to thank them, they have disappeared. It could be an angle in human guise.
  • You feel a great sense of peace after asking for help during a traumatic or stressful time.
  • Lights flicker, the TV changes channel on its own, or your favourite song (or one about angels) comes on the radio - just after you've asked for a sign from the angels.