angel sightings

From the US comes the story of a mother who believes her desperately sick son was cured by an angel.          
 In 1998, Luke was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of eight years old. As sometimes happens, he came down with an infection, which meant he had to go to the hospital. He was there for about two weeks, and that's when something remarkable happened.
One evening, Luke's mother was sitting at his bedside quietly praying as he slept. A nurse came into the room to check Luke's temperature, but his mother noted something rather peculiar about her. The nurse was wearing an old-fashioned uniform of the type that would have been common 30 years previously, in the 1960s. The nurse noticed that Luke's mother had a Bible by the side of his bed. She said that she was a Christian, too, and said she would pray for Luke's healing. Luke's family had never seen this odd nurse before nor again in Luke's remaining time in the hospital.
"I came out of the hospital fully healed of my infection," says Luke, who is now 19. More remarkable, he is completely free of cancer. "My mum believes this nurse could have been a guardian angel coming down to give my mum some hope," Luke says. "If she wasn't an angel, why would she be wearing 1960s old-fashioned nurse clothing?"