angel help

Is there a right way to work with the angels when you are in need of help?

I used to think so. I was of the firm opinion that in order to contact the angels to ask for guidance or advice, that is it necessary to go into a deeply meditative state.

But I don't believe this to be the case anymore.

Now I think that merely sending out thoughts is enough to establish a link to the angelic realm.

Let me give you an example:

A couple of weeks ago I was out walking with my dog. As I walked enjoying the bright sunshine and looking at the flowers and trees, I thought about a young relative of mine.  Sadly she has been out of work for some time due to an  illness and is, of course, struggling financially.

I decided to ask the angels if they could help her.

I didn't ask for anything specific only that they offer her support at this difficult time and try to improve her life in any way that they thought fit.

Then I thanked the angels and left it at that.

Only a week or so later this young lady rang me. She was both excited and surprised. Quite out of the blue she'd received a tax refund which was substantial enough to cover most of her upcoming  expenses over the next month.

Apparently the refund due was dating back over three years to when she'd last been able to work. And the Inland Revenue had suddenly updated their records and refunded her an over payment. Until this point she'd been totally unaware of them owing her anything!

I like to think that the angels gave the Revenue a nudge of encouragement to update their records, resulting in this unexpected tax refund that made such a difference to someone struggling to pay her bills.

Have you had an experience such as this when the angels have answered your call for help often in an unexpected way?

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