Angel Secret

Angels love to help us achieve our goals, but prefer to act as co-creators rather than magicians.

So ask your angels to bring into your life people who can help with your problems, rather than expect the angels to solve your problems for you.

Imagine, how empowered you will feel when you achieve your own goals... but with a little from your angelic friends.

Angels on your smartphone

Nowadays, most of us carry mobile phones with us almost everywhere we go, so it's also a brilliant way to use them to carry angels with us too

If you're lucky enough to have a smartphone you might like to investigate a couple of angel apps, that I have come across.

Angel Heart Oracle Cards (£3.99 iTunes). This app allows you to pick an angel card from a set of 73 whenever you need guidance with a channelled message to help you on your journey.

Simply tap or shake your draw one from the pack. There's also a free version with just seven cards.

Angels Wallpaper Collection. (Free, iTunes). This app has a range of beautifully inspiring angel pictures you can use as a screensaver or wallpaper for your phone, computer or tablet, with new images added every day.

Signs from angels

Angels are usually more involved in your life than you realise. Have you spotted any of these clues to their presence around you?

  • Finding lots of little coins in the street or at home, especially pennies, can be an angelic sign.
  • Have you become aware of an unexpected scent of flowers? Another sign from the angels
  • Have you seen number plates on a car with letters and numbers that hold a special significance.
  • Maybe words in book or a magazine stand out to you or seem to bring you messages - they are!
  • Birds often act in unusual or particularly friendly ways when angels are around
  • A stranger chats to you and you feel their random conversation has a hidden message. They may have been sent to you to guide.
  • Someone stops to help you and when you turn to thank them, they have disappeared. It could be an angle in human guise.
  • You feel a great sense of peace after asking for help during a traumatic or stressful time.
  • Lights flicker, the TV changes channel on its own, or your favourite song (or one about angels) comes on the radio - just after you've asked for a sign from the angels.

Celebrities and angel tattoos

Thinking about having a tattoo?

If so, it's vital to choose something that you'd be happy to have displayed on your body for the rest of your life.

Angel tattoos are becoming increasingly popular for both men and women - and angels and angel wings are in the top three most requested tattoos!

Pop princess, Lady Gaga has a cherub on the back of her neck, and sex symbol and former England captain  David Beckham famously has a huge guardian angel on his back!

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Who is the angel Shateiel?

Shateiel is the Angel of Silence and brings peace by calming any worries that may be tormenting you.

When you can't make your mind up whether to tell someone a secret  which affects them but you know will also upset them (such as you know that your best friend's partner is cheating on her), ask Shateiel for help and guidance.

He'll open your throat chakra which governs how we communicate if he feels that it is in everyone's best interests for the information to be passed on.

Shateiel is also associated with the Angel of Death, bringing peace to the recently departed.

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How to see your Guardian Angel

You've probably heard the phrase 'an angel at my shoulder'.

It means that an angel is with you wherever you go, bringing with it a light that we can sometimes see.

Why not try to see your own angel?

Here's what to do:

Wait until it it's dark outside and switch on a dim lamp (not a bright main light). Then stand in front of a mirror and allow your eyes to go out of focus. As you do this, ask your angel to stand behind you.

With a bit of luck you'll see a soft, misty effect around the top of your shoulders. Don't be afraid - this is your very own guardian angel.

With time and practice, you might see a whole misty white shape appear on your shoulder. Even if you don't see your angel, you have still have the comfort of  knowing that he or she is always with you.

Are there different kinds of angels?

Traditionally there are nine ranks, or choirs, of angels who become more distant from humans the higher they are in the celestial order.

Archangels are more powerful than guardian angels and usually concerned with global issues. However, these higher angels can also open to being approached directly by any one of us when their particular expertise is needed.

For example, if you needed help with a job interview, you could ask Archangel Sachiel's help. Sachiel is the angel of the harvest and abundance, and, by association with the Roman god Jupiter, also the angle of justice, employment, promotion, and matters of leadership. He is said to indicate your success if you see any of the following: a purple haze, purple lights, or golden specks of dust when there is no sunshine, a bee entering your home when there are not any around; purple flowers or purple grapes in an unusual settings or context. The closer to any angelic help request any of these signs occur, the greater your chance of success.

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