Who is Archangel Remiel?

If you are feeling down or depressed then you must call on Archangel Remiel  for help as he is known as the 'Angel of Hope'.

In the Book of Enoch, he is identified as one of the seven archangels who stands closest to God. He is also said to guide souls into heaven and is one of the angels that God is most likely to send to beings in distress. His name roughly translates as meaning, 'God's mercy' His wonderful caring role is to bring or restore harmony in your life.

When Remiel is near you, you are like to hear the rumble of distant thunder. He is a very powerful angel, so call upon him only if you are serious about making big changes in your life.

You can connect to Remiel in your dreams. Here's how:

Before you go to sleep at night, send your unconscious mind a message asking that you remember your dreams, and then call on Remiel. Pay special attention to whatever dreams you experience and notice what kind of messages that Remiel has sent you. If you don't understand the symbolism in the dream you can ask him for clarification before you go to sleep the next night.

If you are having doubts about your spirituality or are struggling to deepen your spiritual connection, ask Remiel for help. He will enfold you with his golden wings and surround you with intense love and connection. Surrender to his presence and see what kind of magic and miracles begin to happen in your life.

Remiel is a magnificent angel surrounded with a brilliant white light. He has deep brown eyes and golden hair. He will move gracefully through your life, bringing balance, wisdom and joy.

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Is it possible to have more than one Guardian Angel?

Yes, for some reason some people do have more than one guardian angel.

Their life choice may mean that they need extra protection or guidance, whereas other may only need angelic help occasionally.

Some people sense a deceased loved one working alongside their guardian angel as another helper too.

Regardless of how many you have, your guardian angel loves you unconditionally, never judges you and is there waiting to be invited into your life to be of assistance.

How to see your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel saves girl blessed by Pope

Attune to your Guardian Angel with crystal energy

Open your door to angels

Home is where the heart is, but it's also where you can feel most in touch with the angels.

Here are some simple things that you can do to attract more beautiful angel energy into your home:

Place a small, lightweight angel figurine or rose quartz crystal by every door frame to show you're asking the angels to protect each room of your house. 
Also display an angel figurine outside the entrance to your front door. It will act as guardian or gatekeeper.
If you feel negative energy building up in a room after a row, use frankincense oil to cleanse the space. Add a few drops of oil to a spray bottle, top up with water, then spritz the room. You can also burn a few drops of the oil, dropped into water in an oil burner as you send a silent message to the angels and say:
    'Angels, please restore this room to perfect harmony.'

    Your space will then feel happy and harmonious.

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    Angels and children

    Angels watch over children just  as they do adults.

    However, the biggest difference is that children seem more likely to see and experience their angels helpers as they are so open-minded and less sceptical.

    Very young children will often point and smile at things unseen by the adult eye. Youngsters just assume that their parents and older relatives can see the vision too! Even really young babies seems to follow things in the room that adults can't see. Many mothers will tell how often a baby seems distracted and seems almost aware of  'another presence'  in the room.

    Children's angel friends can appear as adults spirits (guides and guardian), visions in white or glowing light, or as child spirits.

    The 'imaginary friend' they may have spent all week talking to may well be a real being, perhaps a spirit guide, or friend of some sort. It's common for single children to see angels, but even more fun when more than one child experiences the sighting at the same time!

    Angel feather colours and meaning

    We are all used to the idea that finding a white feather is a sign from angels, but angels also leave feathers of other colours to send us a special message too.

    Here's the meaning of the different colours:

    White:  The most common of angel gifts, 'I am around you, everything will be OK'

    Black:  Most often found during times of crisis. 'I am aware of your current life difficulties and I'm helping and supporting you'

    Yellow:  'Congratulations! Things are going well right now.'

    Pink:  'Surprise! Your angels are joining in with the fun in your life or maybe having a little joke - they will laugh with you but never at you.'

    Blue:  'Time for calm and peace in your life. 'Find space in your life for serenity by taking a walk by water or meditating.

    Red:  'Passion and love. 'We are helping with matters of the heart'

    Green:  'Your angels send you healing.' Help by taking good care of your spiritual and bodily well-being.

    Grey:   'Although things seem quiet right now, we are working on the problem. Be ready for our signs soon.' Follow your angels' guidance and be patient while they put things in place for you.

    Have you found any coloured feathers lately?


    Angels in your garden

    People often have angel experiences in outdoor spaces. This is probably because there is something about a relaxing atmosphere which make it particularly conducive to having an angel visitation ( a real visit from an angel) particularly on a warm summer's day.

    So how can you make the most of your experience, or even encourage one.

    Even if you have only a yard, or a small balcony area, most people have at least a tiny outdoor space they can decorate.

    It's fun and easy to create your own angel meditation area by collecting together a few natural items such as pebbles, shells and then adding a few angel figurines or statues.

    Sound is very important in your sacred outdoor angel space and water is ideal and fairly easy to add to your garden space. Creating the right atmosphere is essential and nothing sets the mood like the sound of trickling water. If space is tight, fill a pretty old dish with pebbles and crystals by your front door or window and keep it topped up with fresh water, so it glistens in the sun.

    Add a wind chime or two to complete your angel sanctuary and it shouldn't be too long before you find that you are able to meet your angels more easily.

    Angel Secret

    Angels love to help us achieve our goals, but prefer to act as co-creators rather than magicians.

    So ask your angels to bring into your life people who can help with your problems, rather than expect the angels to solve your problems for you.

    Imagine, how empowered you will feel when you achieve your own goals... but with a little from your angelic friends.

    Angels on your smartphone

    Nowadays, most of us carry mobile phones with us almost everywhere we go, so it's also a brilliant way to use them to carry angels with us too

    If you're lucky enough to have a smartphone you might like to investigate a couple of angel apps, that I have come across.

    Angel Heart Oracle Cards (£3.99 iTunes). This app allows you to pick an angel card from a set of 73 whenever you need guidance with a channelled message to help you on your journey.

    Simply tap or shake your phone.to draw one from the pack. There's also a free version with just seven cards.

    Angels Wallpaper Collection. (Free, iTunes). This app has a range of beautifully inspiring angel pictures you can use as a screensaver or wallpaper for your phone, computer or tablet, with new images added every day.

    Signs from angels

    Angels are usually more involved in your life than you realise. Have you spotted any of these clues to their presence around you?

    • Finding lots of little coins in the street or at home, especially pennies, can be an angelic sign.
    • Have you become aware of an unexpected scent of flowers? Another sign from the angels
    • Have you seen number plates on a car with letters and numbers that hold a special significance.
    • Maybe words in book or a magazine stand out to you or seem to bring you messages - they are!
    • Birds often act in unusual or particularly friendly ways when angels are around
    • A stranger chats to you and you feel their random conversation has a hidden message. They may have been sent to you to guide.
    • Someone stops to help you and when you turn to thank them, they have disappeared. It could be an angle in human guise.
    • You feel a great sense of peace after asking for help during a traumatic or stressful time.
    • Lights flicker, the TV changes channel on its own, or your favourite song (or one about angels) comes on the radio - just after you've asked for a sign from the angels.