Youngster ‘saved by the arms’ of an Angel, after fall from sixth floor : True Life Angel Story.

In Dubai, in 2012, six-year old Dunia Reda, was living on the 6th floor of a high-rise apartment block with her family. Late one night when she should have been asleep, the youngster got out of bed to watch older children playing in the street far below. But little Dunia wasn’t content to just to watch!   She also wanted to chat to the children too, some of who she knew, so she unlocked the window to call down to them. Unfortunately in her excitement to say ‘hi,’ to her friends, she leaned over too far. The next moment to her horror she found herself tumbling out, and plummeting towards the hard concrete below. But instead of a tragic outcome came a miracle!

 A report in the Gulf News, quoted Dunia as saying that she believes that she was 'saved by angel who broke her fall'.

Dunia said: "I was falling fast at first, and very scared, but then I felt the fall slow, and someone held me like I was a baby. I didn't drop as hard as I thought I would."

Miraculously Dunia was still conscious after hitting the ground, and was rushed to hospital. Although she had several injuries, none where live-threatening and she went on to make  a full recovery. She said at the time, that she did not see "who saved her" but added: "it must have been an angel".

Her father Reda agreed: "I believe her, it was divine mercy. It was her Guardian Angel. She keeps telling me about it, she is very excited."

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The Smiling Angel of Reims

There are thousands of angel statues throughout the world, but for me, one of the most stunningly beautiful has to be the Smiling Angel, also known as the Smile of Reims. This is a stone sculpture at the Cathedral of Reims, in France. It was originally carved in the mid 1200s.  Her beaming smile certainly makes her stand out from the more serene expressions of the 'angels sculptures' that stand besides her. 

Whenever, I have come across her online whilst doing 'angel research' for this blog, I can't help but smile back. I feel that this is an angel 'who has a sense of humour' and who encourages those who look upon her not to let life 'get you down' as there is 'always something to be 'grateful and happy for'.

And on the latter point, the Smiling Angel  has her own interesting and inspiring story. During the dark days of World War 1, the Cathedral was unfortunately subjected to intense bombardment from German forces. During the attack it sustained around 300 shell bursts, which caused fires to rage inside the building and also hit several of the statues including the lovely Smiling Angel too. This  resulted in the head of the carving being broken in several places after falling from a height of four meters.

However, all was not lost, as Abbot Thinot, who worked there collected the pieces and stored them for safe keeping in the cellars of the Archbishop of Reims. These were discovered the following year by the architect Max Sainsaulieu . He was shocked by the scale of the destruction and went to the French press. As a result the Smiling Angel  became an icon for French wartime propaganda, as a symbol of "French culture destroyed by German barbarity".

Thankfully after the war, the original fragments were moulded and preserved in the Musée national des Monuments Français.  And then the already famous sculpture was  restored and finally put back in place in 1926, to once again take up her role of warmly welcoming visitors to the Cathedral with her slightly mischievous  smile.

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Is this the photograph of a Guardian Angel watching over car crash victim?

In 2015, a horrific car crash occurred in Abbeville County,  Louisiana, and almost cost a man his life.

However, the victim's family firmly believe that a guardian angel was watching over their loved one as the crash happened and saved his life.  They say that angel can be seen clearly in a photograph (left), taken shortly after the crash by a passing pastor who witnessed the accident and stopped to help.

Lynn Wooten, a cousin of the crash victim, said at the time: "You can see on the picture, on the right-hand side that the angel looks like he's actually knelt with his hands up praying over him,"

That guardian angel is one reason that she believes her cousin is still alive today.

“If you had seen the state of the car you would think nobody could come out of it alive, but we believe that the 'angel' stayed with him to give comfort and spiritual strength until physical help arrived.” she said.  Pictures taken at the scene show a mangled Ford Explorer. 

In a Facebook post at the time, Pastor Michael Clary who witnessed the accident said: “The vehicle stared rolling over. I counted four times before it hit the ditch then went airborne. Then it bounced  against a large pine. And then  I saw someone come out passenger side window. When I got to where it was, I was shocked to see a young man on the ground curled in a ball. The whole time this was happening I was in prayer mode asking God to protect this person.”

Ms Wooten said  her cousin was then airlifted to hospital, where he was treated for a punctured lung in intensive care.  He also broke his collar bone and several ribs, but went on to make a full recovery.

She added: “Our family strongly believes in guardian angels and that one with him at the time protecting him. My cousin was lucky he survived,”

She said she and the family were incredibly grateful that at the time of the accident, that there were two guardian angels looking after her cousin - the one captured in the photo and also Pastor Clary, who was there to witness the accident on the rural highway and summon help.

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Was Car Crash Baby Saved By The Voice of An Angel?

Was Car Crash Baby Saved By The Voice of An Angel?
It was an amazing story of survival that made headline around the world in 2015


An 18-month-old baby girl was found alive, in an overturned car 14 hours after it plunged into a freezing river in Spanish Fork, Utah.


Emergency responders at the scene, including police officer Tyler Beddoes, said afterwards that they heard a woman's voice yelling "Help me!" from inside the car. 


In a police video of the rescue, one of the officers can be heard yelling back, "We're helping, we're coming!”ead Full Article


With the car partially submerged in the icy waters, they found little Lily Groesbeck alive but unconscious and suffering from hypothermia, but her mother had sadly died in the crash. 


Since Lily's mother, Lynn, had died instantly in the accident , the cries for help were never explained. 


In interview Officer Beddoes, has said the voice he and the others heard was not from a living person, and he has now written about the dramatic series of events in a new book, Proof of Angels.
"It was an adult woman's voice. A calming voice," he said, adding that several other officers at the scene heard the same thing.


"When we flipped the car over, there was no other explanation for it, other than an angel. There was no one else there," said Officer Beddoes.


Amazingly, Lily suffered no lasting effects from the traumatic crash, Officer Beddoes explained.


"She's fantastic. A normal two-year-old," he said.


He added that he decided to write the book about the amazing rescue because the experience led him to rediscover his faith in God.


He recalled that his faith had been shaken after responding to the scene of a quadruple-murder, which sadly included two deceased children.


"When this happened, it really changed everything for me. I wondered why I ever doubted Him," said Beddoes.


While Officer Beddoes and his colleagues story was were met with scepticism or labelled crazy
over their claims, a recent survey found that 31 per cent of people in the  UK believe in angels and five per cent claim to have seen or heard one.
In the US, 69 per cent believe and almost a third say they have seen or heard
 A number of famous ‘angel’ encounters have been reported in the past. 
Ron DiFrancesco, a financial trader at New York’s World Trade Centre, was on
the 84th floor during the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, when he felt someone take his
hand and lead him to safety through the burning building.
He was the last person to leave the tower before it collapsed.
World War I submariner Harry Stoker told how he and both his companions saw
another male figure travelling with them as they escaped from a Turkish Prisoner of War Camp.

German scientist Stephanie Schwabe, mislaid her safety line while she was
cave-diving in 1997 and panicked thinking she was trapped and would die. But then as her panic worsened she suddenly noticed has the cave growing lighter and she heard a gentle voice from nowhere calming her down and she swam to safety.

What do you think? Do you believe that the officers at the scene of this rescue were guided by the 'voice of an angel' to save the baby girl? Have you ever been saved or helped by an angel? Leave your comments below.




Don’t worry about your loved ones – angels are watching over them

Everyone has a Guardian Angel continuously watching over them, and that definitely includes your loved ones too.

Angel guru Doreen Virtue, advises that instead of worrying about your friends or family members, that you should simply ask for additional angels to be by their side. And the moment that you do so, your request will be granted.

The greater the number of  angels surrounding you or someone you care about, the more a person is insulated by love. This force shelters you and those you care about against life's emotional storms, helping to promote happiness and safety in their lives.

Thought for the day
My loved ones are watched over by God and the angels, and I give my cares and worries to heaven. Thank you, for watching over my loved ones in particular..... (name of loved one/s)

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12 Year Old Boy is Saved From Being Decapitated by Angels!

Fascinating story of 12-year-old Josiah Lamb who believes that angels saved him from being decapitated in an horrific jet ski accident.

Since the accident, Josiah seems to have been blessed with the power of healing. And many people have benefited from his healing touch.

Angels Everywhere

Even if you studied angels for the whole of your life time and read every book on the market on the subject of angel wisdom, you are not guaranteed  a full-blown angel visitation.

However, even in the first weeks of reaching out to your angels and talking to them, you will increasingly become aware of angelic presences, support, protection and inspiration in every aspect of your life.

But, you will not find your overdraft miraculously wiped out overnight or discover that your great-aunt, whom you have failed to keep in touch with for over twenty years, will leave you a legacy that means you will not have to work ever again!

Sometimes, too, you have to look for signs of angelic help - not from the skies, but in an unexpected kindness from a fellow human who maybe can ill afford time or resources, but does so willingly. For angel energies do not exist solely 'out there,' but are powers for good that can bring out the best in others and in ourselves.

Emmanuel Swedenborg, a famous 18th Century scientist, philosopher and theologian believed that we all have the power to become angels. So rather than waiting for the ideal moment or a flurry of white feathers to bring you the winning lottery ticket, or the guy or the girl of your dreams, spread your own wings to make your dreams come true. And always smile even at unfriendly people and spread positive vibes, even when all you feel like is that you want to crawl into bed and pull the duvet over you.

Take five minutes watching the sunset out of your window instead of spending your time on Facebook or searching the internet for pointless things to read, and really feel the angel magic that is yours, everywhere, and for always, because it is within you.

Have you ever been hugged by an angel?

Sometimes during troubled times some people report having experienced the comforting feeling of being hugged by an angel.
This usually takes the form of angel wings touching you, sometimes called an angel hug.
Angel wings are the part of the angel that is most visible externally and may be seen as being made of feathers or light.


Although the person being hugged may not actually see the 'angel wings', or even the 'angel', but simply feel themselves being gently hugged or enclosed by the wings. This is often described as feeling like the softest blanket imaginable.  Definitely not a material of this world!
Have you ever felt a comforting touch or hug from an angel?

Who is Archangel Remiel?

If you are feeling down or depressed then you must call on Archangel Remiel  for help as he is known as the 'Angel of Hope'.

In the Book of Enoch, he is identified as one of the seven archangels who stands closest to God. He is also said to guide souls into heaven and is one of the angels that God is most likely to send to beings in distress. His name roughly translates as meaning, 'God's mercy' His wonderful caring role is to bring or restore harmony in your life.

When Remiel is near you, you are like to hear the rumble of distant thunder. He is a very powerful angel, so call upon him only if you are serious about making big changes in your life.

You can connect to Remiel in your dreams. Here's how:

Before you go to sleep at night, send your unconscious mind a message asking that you remember your dreams, and then call on Remiel. Pay special attention to whatever dreams you experience and notice what kind of messages that Remiel has sent you. If you don't understand the symbolism in the dream you can ask him for clarification before you go to sleep the next night.

If you are having doubts about your spirituality or are struggling to deepen your spiritual connection, ask Remiel for help. He will enfold you with his golden wings and surround you with intense love and connection. Surrender to his presence and see what kind of magic and miracles begin to happen in your life.

Remiel is a magnificent angel surrounded with a brilliant white light. He has deep brown eyes and golden hair. He will move gracefully through your life, bringing balance, wisdom and joy.

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Is it possible to have more than one Guardian Angel?

Yes, for some reason some people do have more than one guardian angel.

Their life choice may mean that they need extra protection or guidance, whereas other may only need angelic help occasionally.

Some people sense a deceased loved one working alongside their guardian angel as another helper too.

Regardless of how many you have, your guardian angel loves you unconditionally, never judges you and is there waiting to be invited into your life to be of assistance.

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