Can you see the angel image in the curtain?


A couple of months ago I was down with a chest infection for a few days and was resting in my bedroom.

💚 I was sending a silent prayer to, Archangel Raphael, (angel of healing) to ask for 'healing' and then suddenly a burst of really bright sunlight came through the curtain. I was then amazed to see  this 'angelic image' appearing in the lower right side of the bedroom curtain. 💚

Can you see it as well? It's only faint, but I do believe it was a message from the 'angels' that they were listening and responding. It remained for a good half hour or so, before gradually fading.

Interestingly, the next day I feel lots better.

Thank you 'Angels'
Namaste, Linda


Former Squadron Leader, believes an ‘angel’ helped him to save the lives of his aircrew

Pilots, are know for keeping their cool in 'difficult circumstances'. Self-sufficient and logical they are not prone to fanciful ideas.  But yet one pilot, also a Falklands veteran. claims that an 'angel' guided him and his aircrew out  ofpoor weather conditions, where they were in real danger of crashing into a mountainside.

Former squadron leader, Tom Rounds ( a flight navigator at the time of the incident) believes that an angel's voice in his head helped him to save the lives of his aircrew when their plane entered thick fog.

He said, that the celestial voice,  led to him ordering the pilot to change direction just before it could have struck a mountain.

The team had been taking part in a routine low level flying exercise 250ft above ground level which took them from RAF Lyneham, through Wales and the West Country and back to Salisbury Plain, where they were due to drop a resupply load.  

Down at 250ft, their flight was plagued with low cloud and rain, which meant they had to keep climbing up to a safe altitude when they could not see well enough what was ahead.

At one point they were flying at this height, along the south edge of a valley, near Lampeter. 

Even though the cloud cover had been sporadic, it suddenly became impossible for them to see, so at 280mph and still at 250ft, they were flying blind. 

Squadron Leader Rounds said: "At some point I felt an overwhelming urge to climb the aircraft away from our then height of 250ft.  The hairs on my neck stood up. It was almost as though something was screaming in my head to take action immediately. 

"I duly screamed at the pilot to initiate a hard climb and rapid turn left, as I believed our safety was to be had out over the low lying land to our north over the valley."

Just as he yelled at the crew, the Radar Altimeter, an electronic device that transmits constantly and tells the crew the actual height of the aircraft directly above the ground, began shrieking. 

He added: "We knew at that point that we were now less than 250ft from the ground despite the aircraft attitude being at over 50 degrees, banked to the left, and climbing.  We were now flying parallel to the northern slope of the mountain.

"We then watched mesmerised as the indicated height on the Radar Altimeter continued to fall and reached at just 50ft - where it stayed.  I absolutely believed the plane was about to crash straight into the mountainside and that I had now consigned us, as a crew, to the statistics book of another RAF aircraft lost on a training sortie.

"I, for one, will never forget that flight.  What might have happened had I shouted my instructions say five or even 10 seconds later?

"Was that my guardian angel who spoke to me urging I take immediate action?  I don't suppose I shall really know for certain but during a quiet moment, I like to believe it was." What do you think? Do you believe that an 'angel has helped 'save your life or that of a family member?


Your free Angel Message

I will from time-to-time   be sharing an 'angelic' message with you to inspire and uplift. As usual, if you feel drawn to the 'energy' of this 'heavenly' message, then, 'YES' this is what the 'Angels' wish you to know today.

The 'Angels' are keen to let you know that 'big positive changes' are coming into your life! You may find yourself on a new career path, entering a new relationship, or moving to a new home or town. Embrace these exciting events, knowing that your angels will be beside you all the way!

What you are asking about, may need you to take leaps of faith that may seem frightening or beyond your ability. Trust that the opportunities before you are meant to bring you happiness. These options would not have presented themselves unless you were ready for them. Release your fears and follow your heart.

•✰ ˚ Please'♥ comment♥  share, Namaste, Linda

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An Angel Saved My Life ‘People share the times that angels have helped them (and even saved their life)

The 'belief in angels' is often discussed on online forums, and recently a reader on social news site, Reddit, posed the question to others, by asking whether anyone had had a true life angel experience. In response, many have taken to the thread to share how their own ‘guardian angels’ have prevented disasters and even saved their lives.

Although many said they had previously been sceptical of the notion of angels, after their ‘encounters,’ they have been converted to believe.

For example, Reddit user brasil16, said that him and a friend would have drowned if it hadn’t been for their encounter with an angel.

He described how he had been swimming in the ocean near a beachfront hotel in Northern Brazil, when the pair had been swept up in the strong current.

He said: “All of a sudden, this guy runs into the water, picks me up, and before I know it, we’re on the shore. I turned to thank him, he was just gone,”

Another person had an equally strange moment when they received prayer from a nurse after the death of a friend.

Here are a few more fascinating stories of 'angel encounters' from other users.



Celestial skies: Angel with Halo sighted in Slovakian Skies

A woman playing with her children in the countryside was stunned to look up and see the shape of an angel perfectly-formed in the clouds – complete with halo.

Andrea Dikantova, who works as a nurse, was enjoying a warm summer day out in the fields, where she was showing her children how to fly a kite.

But the 36-year-old said she ‘couldn’t believe’ what she was seeing when she looked up into the skies of Gerlachov, Slovakia, and saw an image of an angel.

‘I glanced up when something caught my eye and just could not believe what I was seeing. It was a textbook image of an angel right there in the heavens,’ she said.

I instantly told the kids to stop trying to fly the kite and to have a look. I said ‘look children, there is an angel.’

Ms Dikantova grabbed her phone to take an image and said she hoped by sharing the picture she might ‘spread a little good cheer’.

Adapted from a report in the London Metro



Youngster ‘saved by the arms’ of an Angel, after fall from sixth floor : True Life Angel Story.

In Dubai, in 2012, six-year old Dunia Reda, was living on the 6th floor of a high-rise apartment block with her family. Late one night when she should have been asleep, the youngster got out of bed to watch older children playing in the street far below. But little Dunia wasn’t content to just to watch!   She also wanted to chat to the children too, some of who she knew, so she unlocked the window to call down to them. Unfortunately in her excitement to say ‘hi,’ to her friends, she leaned over too far. The next moment to her horror she found herself tumbling out, and plummeting towards the hard concrete below. But instead of a tragic outcome came a miracle!

 A report in the Gulf News, quoted Dunia as saying that she believes that she was 'saved by angel who broke her fall'.

Dunia said: "I was falling fast at first, and very scared, but then I felt the fall slow, and someone held me like I was a baby. I didn't drop as hard as I thought I would."

Miraculously Dunia was still conscious after hitting the ground, and was rushed to hospital. Although she had several injuries, none where live-threatening and she went on to make  a full recovery. She said at the time, that she did not see "who saved her" but added: "it must have been an angel".

Her father Reda agreed: "I believe her, it was divine mercy. It was her Guardian Angel. She keeps telling me about it, she is very excited."

Have you or someone you know ever been saved by an angel? Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.


The Smiling Angel of Reims

There are thousands of angel statues throughout the world, but for me, one of the most stunningly beautiful has to be the Smiling Angel, also known as the Smile of Reims. This is a stone sculpture at the Cathedral of Reims, in France. It was originally carved in the mid 1200s.  Her beaming smile certainly makes her stand out from the more serene expressions of the 'angels sculptures' that stand besides her. 

Whenever, I have come across her online whilst doing 'angel research' for this blog, I can't help but smile back. I feel that this is an angel 'who has a sense of humour' and who encourages those who look upon her not to let life 'get you down' as there is 'always something to be 'grateful and happy for'.

And on the latter point, the Smiling Angel  has her own interesting and inspiring story. During the dark days of World War 1, the Cathedral was unfortunately subjected to intense bombardment from German forces. During the attack it sustained around 300 shell bursts, which caused fires to rage inside the building and also hit several of the statues including the lovely Smiling Angel too. This  resulted in the head of the carving being broken in several places after falling from a height of four meters.

However, all was not lost, as Abbot Thinot, who worked there collected the pieces and stored them for safe keeping in the cellars of the Archbishop of Reims. These were discovered the following year by the architect Max Sainsaulieu . He was shocked by the scale of the destruction and went to the French press. As a result the Smiling Angel  became an icon for French wartime propaganda, as a symbol of "French culture destroyed by German barbarity".

Thankfully after the war, the original fragments were moulded and preserved in the MusÊe national des Monuments Français.  And then the already famous sculpture was  restored and finally put back in place in 1926, to once again take up her role of warmly welcoming visitors to the Cathedral with her slightly mischievous  smile.

What do you feel when you look at the Smiling Angel?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below.

Is this the photograph of a Guardian Angel watching over car crash victim?

In 2015, a horrific car crash occurred in Abbeville County,  Louisiana, and almost cost a man his life.

However, the victim's family firmly believe that a guardian angel was watching over their loved one as the crash happened and saved his life.  They say that angel can be seen clearly in a photograph (left), taken shortly after the crash by a passing pastor who witnessed the accident and stopped to help.

Lynn Wooten, a cousin of the crash victim, said at the time: "You can see on the picture, on the right-hand side that the angel looks like he's actually knelt with his hands up praying over him,"

That guardian angel is one reason that she believes her cousin is still alive today.

“If you had seen the state of the car you would think nobody could come out of it alive, but we believe that the 'angel' stayed with him to give comfort and spiritual strength until physical help arrived.” she said.  Pictures taken at the scene show a mangled Ford Explorer. 

In a Facebook post at the time, Pastor Michael Clary who witnessed the accident said: “The vehicle stared rolling over. I counted four times before it hit the ditch then went airborne. Then it bounced  against a large pine. And then  I saw someone come out passenger side window. When I got to where it was, I was shocked to see a young man on the ground curled in a ball. The whole time this was happening I was in prayer mode asking God to protect this person.”

Ms Wooten said  her cousin was then airlifted to hospital, where he was treated for a punctured lung in intensive care.  He also broke his collar bone and several ribs, but went on to make a full recovery.

She added: “Our family strongly believes in guardian angels and that one with him at the time protecting him. My cousin was lucky he survived,”

She said she and the family were incredibly grateful that at the time of the accident, that there were two guardian angels looking after her cousin - the one captured in the photo and also Pastor Clary, who was there to witness the accident on the rural highway and summon help.

What do you think? Have you or a loved one ever been saved by an Angel? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Does my pet have an angel to protect him or her?

Yes! If you pet is injured, sick, or in some other sort of need, there is help available from the heavens. Animals are loved and valued by the Creator, so they also have angels assigned to help them. These pet-protecting angels are typically sent by Archangel Ariel, the ‘lion of God’, with Muriel helping him. When they notice, or hear of an animal in trouble, they will send angels to help. They will often come themselves to help when they can.

Ariel and Muriel are heavily connected with nature, so they hear requests for help more clearly when requests are put through nature. Ariel commonly appears as a water sprite, and has a powerful connection with whales, sea turtles and dolphins. To summon him, say his name standing near running water. He will come to any animal’s aid.

Muriel’s name means ‘God’s perfume’. Her angelic responsibilities includes tending the animals and plants of earth, so she can be evoked by holding a bouquet of flowers, and saying her name. When she appears, you may smell the scent of flowers around your pet. If this happens, you know for definite she has come.

So if you want your pet to benefit from angels, invoke the power of Ariel and Muriel. They will love, guide and nurture your pet back to health or safety.

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The Life of Angels: FAQ

Ever wondered what angels do all day? How they suddenly appear from nowhere in your time of need? Read here for more information on the nature of angels. They are truly amazing beings!

What are Angels?

Angels are made of pure spirit, not flesh and blood. They feel nothing but love and care for humans, and enjoy helping them. They will protect humans against dangers in the universe, like a parent or concerned lover or friend. There are millions of them in the universe. They can sometimes take on a human-like form, often so they can appear to us in a way our minds can comprehend. However, this is not their original form, as they don’t have a form. Nor do they die – they exist forever once they are created.

How do they spend their time?

A common question put to us at Angel Reach is what angels do when they are not going about their normal business of helping, comforting, worshipping, and guiding. Don’t they get bored, as they exist forever?

It’s not that simple. Angels don’t get bored because you need to be mortal to become ‘bored’. We become ‘bored’ because we have reached the limits of what we can usefully learn from a situation - angels don’t have limits on their understanding like we do. They are permanently experiencing new things they have never experienced before, and can also move through time – only beings which exist in ‘space’ experience time as linear. Mind-bending stuff!

When angels aren’t carrying out their normal business, they seem to spend their ‘time’ having insights, and studying humans. As humans are never-ending subjects, with lots of secrets yet to be discovered, and not finite objects, angels never get bored of them. Their great intellect means they are constantly finding out new things about humans, which they can then use to help them. Angels don’t need to sleep either, as they are spirits – there is no night and day to them. Night and day belongs to humans and animals.

How do Angels communicate with each other?

Angels don’t have senses, like you and I. They don’t hear or speak like us. They therefore use mental telepathy with each other. Whereas we work things out logically, step-by-step, from what another human is telling us, angels know everything other angels are trying to communicate straight away. So if you were listening to a story someone was telling you, you would hear it step by step, gradually unfolding. With angels, they would know it all in what would be a split second in human time - there is no need for them to gradually 'build' a story from what they are being told. Everything is sent straight to their minds.

How do Angels communicate with us?

Often, they work behind the scenes, to help us or leave us clues. When they do communicate with us, it’s usually by suggesting things to our imagination, and inspiring us. However, they would never seek to override our freewill – they can give us ideas and messages, but what we do with them is up to us.

Sometimes we just ‘know’ things, which is usually an angel communicating through mental telepathy. If we do hear an actual angel voice, it is normally because our minds are translating their messages into a form we can understand. Their ‘voices’ are our own mind’s translation system, not their real voices.

Where are angels?

Not in space. Space is for bodies, and angels don’t have bodies. They exist in a parallel dimension, though often cross over in some form to help us, or talk to us. They are around us all the time, but we can’t always see them. They can also come and go instantly – they don’t need to travel through space to get somewhere, like we would. They can be anywhere they want, at any point in time. They are often called to a human in need by other angels.

Is it possible to have more than one Guardian Angel?

Yes. All humans are assigned with at least one Guardian Angel, but sometimes other angels will take an interest in a human or a situation, and work with the Guardian Angel to help out. Sometimes, in times of deep need, hundreds of angels will congregate to help out. Angels aren’t jealous, but rather, just have unconditional, non-possessive love – they don’t mind humans being helped by other angels too