Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who Is The Angel Muriel?

Today we will be taking a look at one of the lesser known angels 'Muriel' and what is believed that her earthly duties are.

Muriel will help you :

  • Find peace
  • Heal your pet
  • Make your garden grow
  • Love, really love with an open heart
Muriel's name means "God's perfume." Her angelic responsibilities are said to include tending the plants and animals of Earth. She is often shown with a crown of flowers, which she lovingly places into the river of life. It's said that when she is around, you may smell the subtle scent of your favourite flower.

Muriel brings messages of peace and harmony, reminding us that every selfless good deed never goes unrewarded. Muriel is said to teach you how to love unconditionally.

As you invite Muriel into your life, it's suggested that you will become more aware of  how you can help others and actively look for opportunities to be of service i.e. You may find yourself suddenly find yourself thinking about how you can help the homeless or other charitable acts. Muriel is said to teach that helping others is the path to true happiness!


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  1. i love it .. she's beautiful and she is my angel ....

  2. Muriel and I share the same name. I'm born in June (muriel is the angel of june, according to wikipedia, and she's also asscociated with the star sign cancer), but I was born 3 days earlier that I should have been. Otherwise, I would have been a cancer. Muriel (the angel) sounds beautiful.

  3. i have always wanted to know what my name meant now i know... I love this name.. i was born in may,infact yestaday was my birthday.... im greatfull for this name.. she's beautiful i love her...

    1. I am muriel. I have been kissed by an angle on my head. I am a mutated girl but an a gift to many. I speak to and respect living things. I am called the lost angle at church and now I know I have her in me.

  4. There are many Muriel's in this world and it is always nice to know that some who have been given this name identify with the angelic qualities of the Angel Muriel. Let's hope that you too can spread her messages of peace and harmony and care for the plants and animals of the world. Blessings, Linda x

  5. When i was sick with bipolar I talked a lot to a being named Muriel and only later learned that name belonged to an Archangel. I guess muriel was teaching me about the nature of the inner mirror. angel muriel provided the earth for god to create adam, theoretically. my path has always been about serving others and I have always sought out primordial energies.


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