Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do Angels Have A Distinctive Aroma?

A number of people report a pleasant aroma filling the air, before, during or after an angelic encounter. Often the person involved will be the only one who can smell the aroma, even when they are in a crowded room.  The fragrance of roses, lavender, lilies and other flowers are commonly reported, but equally common is the scent of vanilla or chocolate and the familiar scent of a departed loved one’s perfume or cologne.

So in answer to the question ‘Is there a specific angel scent? The answer would be ‘no’ because the angels will use the aroma that speaks most stronglyl to the person concerned and will be completely unique. For example, if the smell of coffee or freshly baked bread makes you feel warm and relaxed, then the angels will surround you with this aroma to give you a sense of comfort and protection before making their presence fully known.


  1. wiledbil200125@yahoo.comAugust 26, 2011 at 11:49 PM

    I watched the movie "Michael" and in it were several references to the aroma of the supposed angel. I'm sixty years old and have not actually lived a pious life, however I distinctly remember instances in my life when I was overwhelmed by a certain pleasant aroma that for some reason I connected it to the presence of an angel. I have know idea how I reached that conclusion yet the the aroma was such that I literally tried to "consume" it out of the air. It was an aroma that fell somewhere between a baked pastry and a perfumed fragrance. I had never heard of this elsewhere until there were several references to it in that Travolta movie. I haven't experienced it in many years yet it is ingrained in my memory. Have any more info on this subject?

  2. To me, the scent is either that of an Easter Lily, or the scent of the very delicate "Lily of the Valley" flower. To me, these flowers smell similar...almost pure.

  3. The scent of angels smells to me like a lighter version of easter lilies. Hard to define. I associate the scent of jasmine and gardenias and orange blossoms, mixed with easter lilies, as the scent of angels.

    You know it when you smell it. Usually happens when I'm alone. It's happened several times and each time I look around searching for the source of the aroma, only to realize I am totally alone. Or so I think...

  4. Sounds beautiful. If only you could bottle that fragrance.

  5. A week after my Dad passed away, around 11pm If I remember, I distinctly smelt a floral aroma, in one specific place by the living room door and it seemed to be there for about 5 minutes, the aroma was so strong and so floral, all I could say to my Mum and my Brother was that it was like being in a garden of roses. My mum could also smell this beautiful aroma and at first we thought it was dad reassuring us, and I continued to believe that for along time, but now after reading about the aroma's, I believe now it was an angel come to offer love in our time of distress. I wished and wished to be able to smell that aroma again, there was nothing like it. and I would like to thank the angels for their love and god for sending them to us. I hope when it was my Dad's time to go in the ward, they came to him and offered the same comfort on the way.

  6. I did a Google on this subject because it happened to me last week. I only told my wife about it for fear of people thinking that I had lost it. She was skeptical and just said that she knew that it was real to me so I guess she didn't believe that it was angels, just my grief and imagination.
    My mother died last February. I recently cleared out her house in order to put it up for sale. On Wednesday, I had a charity come to pick up the last remaining items of furniture.
    Afterwards, the pleasant odor of flowers filled the house. I mainly noticed it in the living room and in the bedroom.
    It couldn't have been any perfume that was spilled because all of that stuff had been removed about a month ago. There aren't any flowers blooming in the yard or nearby.
    My parents always spoke about angels and would tell me that they were sending their guardian angel with me whenever I traveled anywhere.
    The only explanation that makes any sense to me is the presence of angels. I don't necessarily think that it was the presence of my mother, but I certainly believe that it was an angelic experience.

  7. I have smelled vanilla/ mens cologne and another scent of flowers that was so heavenly that it could not be identified. Lilacs but sweeter and better. I walked threw a wall of it. it felt like I was being baptized or something heavenly. Or I walked threw an angel. This happens to me quite a bit. It happens when people are around and they dont smell anything. so I guess it is ment for me only. Today it happened again. I was alone this time, I guess I am blessed by an angel or angels!! Thank you jesus!

    1. I have had the exact same beautiful aroma for many years,usually,but not always when I was troubled,on smelling this aroma my mood is immediately lifted as I know all will be well,I truly believe it is my guardian angel,its said we all have one I hope you all experience this beautiful phenomenon.

  8. 5min ago i had a very strong smell of flowers around me but i don't know what flower. I ask my husband if he can smell it but he couldn't but he said that I always smell flowers and he would love to smell it too!

  9. I too have had on a few times when I have had a strong smell of lavender and there was nothing around to explain it it was during a troubling time so I believe in ANGELS, JESUS and the afterlifef


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