Monday, April 11, 2011

Can Human Beings be Angels?

We often use the word ‘angel’ to describe a person who has given unconditional help and love to others or someone who puts their own life in danger to rescue another person. We even  use the term to describe children who behave beautifully.

Although the term angel refers to benign being from the world of spirit , and not to a human being, the broadest definition of an angel is to be a messenger of love and goodness, and so in this sense a person can, either consciously or unconsciously, be guided by a higher realm. In short, it’s possible that human beings can do the work of angels and angels can manifest their presence through people, and in this respect people can indeed at times  be human guardian angels.


  1. It says in the bible that we unknowingly entertain angels that walk among us

  2. Hello Kelly The quote that you refer to is in St Paul's letters to the Corinthians, he said 'that we should be careful when entertaining strangers, because these strangers might really be angels'.


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